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Our comprehensive adoption services literally starts at the application process and the orientation of prospective adoptive parents. With great social workers, such as Esna Bruwer, Marietjie van der Heever and Leigh Reabow, we will guide you through the whole process, including:


  • Investigation/Screening/Counseling of Applicants for Adoption

  • Investigation/Screening/Counseling of Biological Parents

  • Matching

  • Placement/Adoption

  • Post Adoption Services

  • Surrogacy Assessments


Child Assessments

During child assessments depending on the desired outcome with help from Marietjie van der Heever, Dr Suzanne de Villiers, Dr Ilze van der Merwe, Esna Bruwer and Leigh Reabow, the focus could fall on:


  • School Readiness

  • Subject Choice

  • Career Choice

  • Barriers to Learning

  • Special Concessions

  • School Experiences

  • Relationship with Parents and Siblings

  • Child’s experience of Parents Marital Relationship

  • Relationships in which the child might be experiencing discomfort

  • Attachment

  • Screening for Possible Exposure to Trauma

  • Personality Functioning and Temperament


Forensic Investigations

Investigating allegations or suspicions of sexual abuse is a very complex and sensitive issue. Ensa Bruwer and Dr Ilze van der Merwe focus on confronting sexual abuse through a responsible, holistic approach.


In the case of allegations of sexual abuse, we not only follow an investigation process that is both supported by literature and research, but also one that is objective and legally sound. Our role within this process is one of objective fact-finders. We work from the assumption that there are various possible explanations for the child’s behaviour and/or disclosure and that all possible hypothesis are tested.


Care and Contact Evaluations

Our care and contact evaluations in divorce matters, arranged by Esna Bruwer, Dr Ilze van der Merwe and Marietjie van der Heever, include the following:


  • Comprehensive assessment of child/children involved

  • Home visits paid to residences of both parties

  • Consultation with collateral sources pertaining to both parties

  • Interactional analysis between both parties and the children involved

  • Mediation sessions involving all parties



Besides the fact that the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 in general underpins the importance of a conciliatory and non-confrontational approach to the settlement of child-centered disputes, it specifically refers to mediation as an appropriate means of dispute resolution. Family matters are mediated by experienced and qualified neutral third partis, such as Esna Bruwer and Dr Ilze van der Merwe in order to reach an agreement.



The therapeutic approach followed varies according to the particular needs of adults and children. We have highly competent clinical experts, such as Dr Suzaan de Villiers, Zanne Pienaar, Dr Ilze van der Merwe and Christine Morgan, available for all therapeutic needs.

Child Assessments
Forensic Investigations
Care and Contact
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